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Behavior Balance

Behavior Balance

Using the previous ice cream craving (emotional association) behavior: a person that has effortless control may be described as having behavior balance. They can like ice cream and have a small inclination for it. But this 'craving' is balanced by an equal desire to be healthy. There is no overwhelming urge. They have the ability to make a simple decision based on their current situation.

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Out of Control

In contrast, someone who has a larger craving to eat ice cream and a small desire to be healthy will feel out of control. They will experience a craving, compulsion, or urge to have the ice cream.

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Passive Hypnosis Balance

Passive hypnosis works against current established behaviors. This will have a varied effect depending on how strong the current behaviors are. In too many cases, this will create an artificial sense of behavior control. It can create a sense of boosted intention and possibly reduced craving. Since the behaviors are still in place, this is often a short term change. Smoking cessation clients may not pick-up smoking again, but they may replace it with food. Given a strong enough stressor, the smoker has a high potential to start smoking again.

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Active Hypnosis Balance

Active hypnosis techniques address the currently held behaviors specifically. After these behaviors are reduced and/or 'released', active techniques are used to create balance. Passive hypnosis can then be used to reinforce the work done.

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