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The Best Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Quit Smoking & Stress Management


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While a private hypnosis session is very powerful, focused and individualized, making results more reliable, some people prefer the process of self-hypnosis.


Self-hypnosis offers the benefit of increased schedule flexibility, privacy, and DIY (Do It Yourself). This may make self-hypnosis a preferred first-step for you. If so, you want to be sure you choose the best self-hypnosis programs available. And, since you're on this website, you have.


Salem Hypnosis Offers:

  • High Quality Audio
  • Rapid Relaxation
  • Rapid Results
  • Easy-To-Use Self-Hypnosis Techniques


Self-Hypnosis Systems Offered:


    A seven session system addressing the different aspects of a weight problem; exercise, stress reduction, self-confidence, eating speed, cravings, drinking water, motivation, and quality sleep. An eight session system addressing the variety of issues around quitting smoking; stress reduction, confidence building, time replacement, motivation, exercise, and good quality sleep. A five session system helping you; reduce stress, build solid confidence, boost self-worth throughout your day, help you get restful sleep.

audio: self-hypnosis mp3 and cd