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Sports Improvement

How Hypnosis Helps Improve Sports Performance

Using behavior modification and creative visualization, while hypnotized, has shown to be beneficial in sports improvement. From golf, baseball, softball, kayaking, basketball, volleyball, football and others. Visualizing a physical action while deeply relaxed has shown to be very similar to actually doing the action.

Correctly practicing this action in your mind assists in coordinating your muscle activity as well as your self-confidence in your ability to perform the action. This may sound odd. But, if you think of how after waking up from a bad dream, you may have a high pulse and breathing rate. Your physical body reacted to what was going on in your mind. Also, you know that worrying about something can create stress and your body will react in different ways to this. You are always getting physical reactions to your thoughts.

Golfers will sometimes experience their game "going bad". A part of them "knows" how to swing correctly, but is not able to get their body to act accordingly. That knowing part of their mind is able to act like a coach when visualizing under hypnosis.

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Behavior modification can also play an important role in sports improvement. It can increase motivation for training and help you stick to a particular diet. I have worked with ages from eight year old children to middle-aged adults for their sports improvement. I personally enjoy working with school aged people. A young person's behavior is not as deeply rooted as an adult. This allows for more rapid and reliable results. The increase in their sports improvement makes a big impact on their confidence.

Self-confidence is such an important aspect in a person. The added confidence in sports quickly reflects on other parts of their school life, from school work to social activity. A person that learns to make behavior modification and creative visualization work for them in sports has a big advantage. An advantage they can feel and others can see.