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Weight Loss with Self-Hypnosis

Weight loss with self-hypnosis is about focusing attention on the behaviors that are holding you back and changing them.  The self-hypnosis CD's and MP3'sfrom Glancy Hypnosis help you work against the habits and cravings.  They help you keep control.

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4 Points to Gain Pride in Yourself and Improve Your Life:

weight loss with self-hypnosis

1. Control Portion Size:

2. Control Snacking:

3. Managing Stress and Boosting Confidence:

4. Exercise:

    Plan meals, stop eating when you are physically full, plan meals: increase drive to control your potions by planning your meals, noticing when you’re physically hungry and full, eating slowly and enjoying what you eat, being mindful and responsible for what you put on your plate.


    Helping you limit snacking to the times it is appropriate for your meal plans. The less stress a person is experiencing, the less the relative strength of any cravings they experience.  This gives that person more control of their food intake. 


    This is a simple dynamic that many people do not pay attention to.  Lower stress also provides better quality sleep.  Sleep is an extremely important aspect of healthy weight loss.     increase motivation to exercise, in whatever form works best for you.  After all, it’s not about the exercise.  It’s about the results that activity gives you.


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Focusing on these four points helps you lose the weight, and, keep it off.